Windows Backup Recovery is a Reliable & Fast Tool

Windows Backup Recovery Software is the ultimate third-party tool to retrieve ms backup data, accurately and instantly.

  • Three scanning features : Quick / Deep / Range Based
  • MS Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10 Compatible
  • Get glimpse of previewed BKF data
  • Recover corrupt bkf file data without any file size limitation.
  • Free downloadable edition helps, how to retrieve windows BKF file within few minutes.
  • Extract data from corrupt backup(*.bkf) file.
  • Extract data from Windows 7/8.1/10 backup (*.zip) file.

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Recover Windows Backup Data Effortlessly

Whenever you use NTBackup to get the data from BKF files, usually such error messages prop ups—this cannot be used as the backup file has unrecognized data, unusable backup file, and erase the original file and opt another file. Now, you don’t have to worry about it much as the solution lies in MS Backup File Recovery Software. This modern tool allows you to Recover Windows Backup File speedily.

Retrieve Windows BKF File: This high-profile tool is designed very carefully and contains a number of unique features:

  • Scanning mode: The software scans BKF files in three different ways—quick scan, deep scan and range-wise scan. In the quick scan mode, BKF files with lesser corruption can be easily filtered; heavily damaged files can be scanned promptly in deep scan mode; and if you want to scan some portions of the BKF file in the range like 30-90 per cent, you can do it using the mode of range scan.
  • Your need is utmost: This high-velocity tool gives enough space and room to extract files and folders as per the requirement. The MS backup File recovery utility can be well performed by this interface. Any specific folder or file can be retrieved seamlessly using the Windows backup recovery software.
  • Repairing Error-prone BKF file: Many a times the backup file and folders cannot be used due to unrecognized data. The Windows Backup Recovery software solves such issue very diligently. This recovery application cut down such errors appropriately and safely.
  • Preview option: This sophisticated tool also offers the preview option before and after the completion of the recovery of BKF files. At the beginning of the process of the recovery while you select the files, it gives you the option of seeing the selected files to avoid any chance of missing files, and after the process of recovery gets over, the repair tool indicates the files prior to saving them in the location of your choice.

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The software guarantees complete security of the files. Any damage or corruption of the BKF files can be well prevented and addressed using this equipment.

Above all, this software solution is very customer-friendly and gives ample space in opting for the right option to perform the task of recovering the corrupt or damaged BKF files. The steps are easier to understand. Also the firm has taken great care in explaining them in an easy-to-understand manner.